Ringwood Folk Club  Sep - Oct 2016

Tues, The Elm Tree Hightown, Ringwood, BH24 3DY
Times 8.00 - 10.50 (pub’s Tel. 01425 472516)

20th Sept Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

27th Sept Ian W Brown
After a stunning performance supporting Julie Felix in June, we have invited Ian back for a full evening.
Ian has written numerous songs performed by others such as Fisherman’s Friends, Show Of Hands, Jason Donovan, D Side, Pixie Lott, Graham Gouldman, Henry Priestman and even Meryl Streep.
He recently toured supporting for Rita Coolidge. He has a great sense of humour and is thoroughly entertaining.

Entry only £4.00

4th Oct Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

11th Sept New Scorpion Band
Long overdue return of one the all time favourites of the club. The 4 of them all sing & play over 20 different instruments including
· harmonium · bassoon · banjo · guitar ·laouto
mandolin · lute · violin · viola ·rebec ·trombone
curtal ·bagpipes ·flute · brass ·
The New Scorpion Band is one of the most entertaining and original groups in British traditional music. Their virtuosic playing, rich vocal harmonies, sophisticated musical arrangements and spectacular collection of traditional and historical instruments combine to create the distinctive sound that has won the New Scorpion Band a wide following, both in Britain and internationally.

Entry £10.00

18th Oct Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

25th Oct TBC

18th Oct Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

8th Nov - Nick Dow
29th Nov - Bob Fox’s Warhorse musicians show